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Goliath Marketing is devised of Marketing experts that service every aspect of your digital marketing presence. Goliath is a full circle marketing agency, providing everything from social media ads to website development. But what you also should know is, Goliath have first hand experience running a small business, just like yours, that isn’t marketing related at all! 

Small businesses are skeptical of marketing agenices, and at Goliath, we understand why.. Their is a stigma that marketing agencies aren’t ‘in the thick of it’ promoting businesses from a distance without being held accountable enough for the end result of their efforts. But not at Goliath.. Our sister company relies on our ability to generate business.

About Our Sister Company:

117Speed is an automotive tuning and performance facility that is owned and marketed by the team here at Goliath Marketing.

117Speed offers software upgrades to increase your vehicle HP, custom exhaust fabrication, performance car servicing and much, much more.

We proudly explain our sister company operation to our clients a it shows first hand our ability to successfully scale a business that is none marketing related.

Our operation in numbers

Many small business owners stress that their marketing team simply do not understand the impact they are having, or the need for budgets to be well spent. Agencies are often disconnected from the financial result on a business of their efforts.. But not Goliath.

Below are some figures to show you what goliath Marketing is responsible for at 117Speed. The people it feeds and the revue it generates. We truly understand your need as a small business owner to spend efficiently and generate a return on your marketing spend as we live that reality everyday for our clients and our own brand, 117Speed.

Number Of Staff


Annual Turnover


Vehicles Serviced Per Year


Operating Premises

6,000 Sqft unit in Trafford Park

Sneak peak at our facility

Why are we telling you this?

We want you to understand that we built and called a brick and mortar business and that we make every penny spent on marketing count, both for the business we grew, and our clients businesses. Our team see the 117Speed balance sheet and understand that their marketing efforts directly effects it, just like they would with your business.

If you are interested in partnering with a marketing agency that lives and breathes results and that showcases their skill set by generating business for a subsidiary that is financially linked to our agency, you have come to the right place. Contact us today to start your marketing journey – 0161 503 4619 – Info@goliathmarketing.co.uk

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Johnny JR Auto Centre

Goliath are unrivalled with the Google advertising they provide us with. We have worked with a few outsourced providers and never seen results as good.

Matt Mapro

The guys at Goliath Marketing have worked with us for over a year. They run our Social media and Google ads as well as having built our website in 2021. I always recommend they guys to my industry friends


Before working with Goliath we struggled with our digital marketing funnel set up by a previous supplier and weren’t getting consistent work. Since working with Goliath that has changed! Very happy with our service.

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