Essex Tuning are a Mobile Remapping service based in.. well.. Essex. 

Established in 2019, Essex Tuning began their business right before the Corona Virus pandemic, making it not only a start-up venture, but a start-up throughout one of the most challenging periods of all. 

Now just 4 years into the business, Essex Tuning is flourishing with an online presence that generates almost all of its new business enquiries.

The goal

Survive, then thrive. 

There is no doubt that when we first began working with Essex Tuning, conversations turned to survival during the early pandemic period. 

The Goliath team was tasked to keep inquiries consistent on a budget and then scale marketing spend as the world went ‘back to normal’ and build a brand that would stand the test of time. 

The Strategy: Stage 1. Social Media Marketing

In early 2019 at the start of the Pandemic, the ambition was to generate business and keep the doors open. 

We utilised social media marketing to reach automotive enthusiasts, generating traffic for a website landing page sequence that collected the customers general contact information and the vehicle make, model and registration plate so the Essex tuning team could provide exact performance quotes to customers at scale.

Google PPC Results

Stage 2. Google Pay per click advertising

Having successfully navigated a tricky coronavirus period we had generated revenue and profits to invest during 2021. 

Time to go multi-channel. As the pandemic drew to an end, we carried out thorough keyword research to find out what customers in the local area were searching for so that we could design website pages that would serve the traffic of Google pay-per-click campaigns. It was time to marketing across Google and Social media to dominate the local paid media scene.

The Strategy: Search Engine Optimisation

Having marketed Essex tuning across Google and Social media through pay-per-click advertising, thoughts turned from booking jobs in a month ahead, to expanding services across multiple locations and building an online presence that not only brought in new business but built a brand.  

Essex Tuning had plans of expanding the reach of the business and becoming a mobile tuning fleet, employing staff. 

We began working on SEO campaigns to put Essex Tuning at the top of search engine results locally. 


Facebook Ad Results After 1 Month

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Before working with Goliath we struggled with our digital marketing funnel set up by a previous supplier and weren’t getting consistent work. Since working with Goliath that has changed! Very happy with our service.