Google Pay Per Click (PPC)

Automotive Google Advertising

Google PPC ads are a great way to drive qualified leads and sales as Google proove time and time again that Google search demand is one of the most consistent and predictable methods out there for converting your automotive PPC clicks into paying customers.

Text Ads

With text advertising we can target customers at the very moment they need your product or service by deliveting them the exact material they were searching for in the form of text Ads.

The Goliath team read Google search data and pre determine the common search volume for the keywords your business should be capitilising on, providing us with all of the information that we need strategize a Google marketing campaign that converts search demand into customers for your Automotive business.

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Display Ads

Get your Automotive business seen by the right people! The display advertising network, Google’s DLN for short has over 90% coverage of all websites on the internet. There are limitless opportunities to reach your customer base with quality content!

Shopping Ads

Google shopping advertising is the best way to advertise your automotive product and prices, whilst displaying product content beside your copy on the search engine.

Google Shopping has many features that make marketing successful including hypertargeted keywords ad delivery providing the correct search with the exact automotive product there were looking for. 

The Goliath team have extensive experience and success with Automotive Google PPC Advertising and are more than happy to put together a proposal for your Automotive business outlining how we can increase your Automotive sales and market share through successful Google PPC advertising

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