JR Auto Centre, the home of precision Alloy wheel refurbishment. 

The Wembley-based business first approached Goliath to diversify the inquiry type as the business had established itself within a niche market. Having built a hugely successful word-of-mouth recommendation-based business within the London Romanian community the team sought to service a wider variety of clientele and fundamentally scale JR Auto Centre. 

The goal

The Goliath team was challenged to provide an increase in inquiries and sales, allowing JR Auto’s bottom line revenue to grow to give them the confidence to hire more staff and achieve their ambitions of scaling the business. 

The Strategy: Stage 1. Website Design

JR Auto Centre had a website for 3 years that was sat online, not producing any leads or income for the business. 

After conducting a website audit it became clear that the site was littered with broken links, HTML issues and wasn’t written with SEO in mind, offering no favorable SEO material for search engines to pick up on and rank the website for. 

With this in mind, the Goliath team conducted thorough keyword research to establish the most effective keywords to market the website towards and designed and rebuilt the website with additional landing pages that would set up for the second stage of our marketing efforts.

Google PPC Results

Stage 2. Google Pay per click advertising

Having designed and built a website using Google search data in a 30-mile radius of JR Autos facility, it was time to build a Google pay-per-click campaign to drive Google searchers to the website destination we had pre-built for them. 

By building the website to the specifications of customers exact Google search queries we maximised the conversion rate of the Google pay per click campaigns with the most efficient bid strategy would could produce.


Facebook Ad Results After 1 Month

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Before working with Goliath we struggled with our digital marketing funnel set up by a previous supplier and weren’t getting consistent work. Since working with Goliath that has changed! Very happy with our service.