Nuttall Automotive is a vehicle finance business based in Preston. The business is run by the Nuttall brothers who source high-end vehicles and structure finance deals for automotive enthusiasts and the everyday driver.

Nuttall Automotive offers a unique service as their finance deals beat

All main dealer quotes as regulations that apply to main dealer finance do not apply to third-party finance brokers, giving Nuttall Automotive the upper hand in any deal. It was the Job of the Goliath Marketing team to ensure we got that message across

The goal

Having successfully built a word-of-mouth business, fueled by organic Social Media posting, team Nuttall wanted to expand the reach of the business and acquire new customers without having to communicate over the phone with clientele to understand their vehicle needs and financial situation for industry-standard credit checks. The business had grown to a level in which hands-free credit checks had now become the last piece in the puzzle for rapid expansion. 

Mission accepted, scale inquiries with hands-free credit checks enabling Nuttall to service more customers.

The Strategy

We created a social media campaign targeting two audiences. High-end vehicle sourcing clients as well as customers looking to find the cheapest finance deal on standard family saloons. 

By creating a landing page sequence that had dynamic sequencing based on the answer given in the previous question, we were able to hyper-target questions and thoroughly understand customers’ demands and financial capabilities by requesting both credit check information and the make, model, and the year of the vehicle that they were looking to source or finance giving Nuttall Automotive a full set of data to work with.  

We ran a social media campaign to the landing page sequence using the Facebook pixel, meaning we could collect the data of website visitors clicking through our ads. After 4 weeks of running the advertising campaign, we had gathered sufficient data to re-market to customers who had not finished the question sequencing process on the landing page. This enabled us to hit customers with a second advertisement enticing them back to the website to enquire.


Facebook Ad Results After 1 Month

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Before working with Goliath we struggled with our digital marketing funnel set up by a previous supplier and weren’t getting consistent work. Since working with Goliath that has changed! Very happy with our service.