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Clintons Cards

Business Model

Greetings Cards Retailer

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The Brand Explained

Clintons, a beloved chain of over 250 stores in the UK, has been a market leader in greetings cards, soft toys, and other related gift products since its founding in 1968. In response to the pandemic-induced store closures, Clintons embarked on their first-ever paid social ad campaign. Goliath was privileged to lead this groundbreaking initiative, delivering results unmatched by any other online channel.

The Goal

With stores closed due to the pandemic, Clintons tasked the Goliath team with a crucial mission: to generate online sales through Facebook and Instagram. Having never run social media advertisements before, Clintons needed a strategic and effective approach to drive significant online engagement and sales.

The Strategy

Leveraging Diverse Product Range
Executing on Key Initiatives

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The Results





Business Development Achievements

The campaign’s impact was significant, generating substantial online engagement and driving remarkable sales growth:

  • Website Clicks: Over 200,000 clicks, leading to increased traffic and sales.
  • Audience Reach: Successfully reached and engaged 2.5 million targeted individuals.

Our Expertise

At Goliath, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge strategies to national brands, ensuring exceptional results and measurable growth. Our tailored approaches align with each brand’s unique identity and goals, transforming challenges into opportunities for success.
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