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Ryman Stationery

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Stationary, office and printing supplies.

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Under CEO Theo Paphitis’s dynamic leadership, Ryman Stationery is a renowned name in the stationery industry with 205 outlets across the UK. Recognising the increasing importance of social media presence, Ryman shifted its focus to social media marketing in 2020 to keep up with competitors like WHSmith and Smiggle.

The Goal

The goal was clear: to surpass competitors’ follower counts on Instagram and claim the top spot for social presence among stationery brands.

Ryman tasked the Goliath team with a challenge – to increase their Instagram following, significantly, within 9 months. With competitors leading the race, there was no time to stand still. We had to create a strategy that increased followers and engaged Ryman’s core audience of arts and crafts enthusiasts.

The Strategy

Creating Unmissable Conversations
Executing on Key Initiatives

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The Results

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Business Development Achievements

  • Instagram Followers: Increased from 18,541 to 87,700.
  • Website Traffic: Slightly increased from 106,930 to 107,893.
  • Email Sign-Ups: Grew from 30,196 to 34,470.

Our Expertise

We provide cutting-edge strategies to national brands, delivering measurable results and driving significant growth in social media presence. Our tailored approaches ensure that each campaign aligns with the brand’s unique identity and goals.

Explore our work and discover how we can elevate your brand’s social media presence to new heights.

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