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Tails Dog Food

Business Model

Tailored Dog Food Retailer

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The Brand Explained

Tails Dog Food is the world’s only provider of nutritionally tailored dog food, scientifically designed to meet the unique dietary needs of each dog based on factors such as size, age, gender, and specific dietary requirements. Our mission was to market this complex nutritional education to dog owners and achieve substantial growth in their subscription base.

The Goal

Tails Dog Food aimed to increase their monthly subscription base through social media marketing by leveraging posts from dog influencers to reach a like-minded audience. The goal was to acquire more sign-ups for their monthly tailored pet food subscription and ensure that this was a profitable marketing activity.

The Strategy

Harnessing the Power of Influencers
Executing on Key Initiatives

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The Results





Business Development Achievements

  • Monthly Subscription Increase: Significant growth
  • Engagement Rate: High engagement from targeted audiences
  • Profitability: Profitable marketing activity 

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