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How We Develop Your Website in #5 Easy Steps

We have all endured a website experience that took us from a simple Google search, to purchasing a product or inquiring without hesitation. 

Remember it? A transaction as smooth as a warm knife through butter. 

Every question you had about the product or service was pre-interpreted and answered thoroughly..

Every image or video you saw helped form your decision to buy..

A couple of clicks and you had spent your money / Inquired..

Imagine if your business had the same superpower.. 

At Goliath Marketing we provide businesses just that, the superpower to convert clicks into customers with a bespoke website build from our team.

Here’s what your website development experience would look like with us. 

Just #5 simple steps away from a customer converting website

  1. We want to know everything about the business and your goals
  2. Making it Aesthetically pleasing
  3. You agreed it was the best you’d seen
  4. Time to get down to the nitty-gritty
  5. Voilà, finished.

#1 Initial Meeting And Research 

First, we book a meeting with you to understand your business and your goals.

The key things we need to get an understanding of are: 

  • What your business does
  • Who your competitors are
  • Your branding and brand guidelines
  • The tonality of your business
  • Your product / service pricing
  • Content you would like to include on site

From this meeting, we have a clear picture of your company’s history, who your customer is and how we can best portray your business’s product or service online to generate customers.

We then carry out thorough keyword research using multiple online tools to discover what your customers are searching on Google to find businesses like yours. 

We can then determine what pages should be produced to ensure customers convert after they click. 

This gives us an advantage over competitors who may have built their websites solely with aesthetics in mind and disregarded their search behavior. 

#2 The Design Phase

At this point, we are prepared to begin your design. 

First, we design the home page of your website and send through our design for review. 

The home page is enough to show we understand your branding, as well as your business goals and can display your information aesthetically and effectively to convert your website clicks into customers. 

We then send the design over for your review and take on any adjustments required to get the rest of the site built to your desired specifications.

#3 Design Completion

By this stage, you have confirmed your website home page design and are happy for the Goliath team to continue to design the rest of your website. 

We do not go past the Home page design stage until we are 100% on the mark. This sets the tone and design style for the rest of your website and is a crucial step!

We continue working on your website design, relaying pages we build in sections for review until the design is completed. 

We then send over our final website design for your review.

#4 Website Development Phase

By this stage, all of our page designs have been confirmed. The website has been reviewed by our team internally and our clients and we have been given the green light to develop the website. 

As the design has been created exactly to build specification, our development team builds out your pages in exactly the same style as our design brief. 

Our team send pages over in clusters for your review to ensure we remain on the right guidelines and stick to our deadlines.

#5 Website development completion

Your website development is completed. We send you the final build, hosted on your domain name of choice. 

Any amendments that you require are made at this point. 

We have however built the website to the exact specification of the brief.. so there should only be minor adjustments to make at this point. 

Aaaand you are done.. 

Here are a few examples of websites that we have produced

If you made it this far, you are clearly interested in have a website designed and built. If we sound like the team to help you with that, get in touch today on | 0161 503 4619 |