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optimisation (SEO)

SEO Agency Manchester

It’s no secret that winning on Google means ranking #1 for your search result. 

At Goliath Marketing we are The Manchester SEO Agency responsible for your SME’s Google ranking success. 

The Goliath team will work alongside you, planning out the best strategy for growth opportunities in your industry niche through search engine optimization (SEO).

We provide fully managed campaigns – from creating content ideas based on customer demand; comprehending technical details such as site structure providing Google a crawlable website to index and producing content that sets your business apart from the competition on Google.

Our expert Manchester SEO agency team understands that search engine optimisation is a long-term commitment to your online dominance and we commit to achieving results for our clients that take your business to the top of search engines.

What do we work on?


Technical SEO is all about making sure your site can be found by search engines. Our Manchester SEO agency go to great length to ensure technical issues are seen to, ensuring your site is crawlable in Googles Index. Technical SEO includes optimising the HTML code, storing information in layouts properly so it doesn’t get lost during traffic accidents or server failures and ensuring the site is crawlable with an effective site link structure.

The benefits of SEO
SEO Agency In Manchester


The easiest way to rank well in the search engines is by creating quality, relevant content. This includes everything from how it’s written and structured on your website as well as what kind of keywords are used when generating this material for each page or post that goes live online – all things called “content SEO.”


Link building is an essential part of search engine optimization, or SEO. It’s the practice where you build links from other websites to your site in order gain authority and rank higher on SERPs – it can also help with branding efforts!

Throughout the process, we will keep you updated on our progress, providing regular reports so that your business can see how your website performs in relation to other sites in your industry sector plus any additional insights gained from analysis of visitor habits such as bounce rates and heatmap tracking so that we can optimise your site structure based on your customer behaviour. 

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