Mapro Tuning is an industry-leading ECU Remapping business based in Portsmouth, founded in 2017 by owner Matt who is a Master software calibrator supplying tuning files to other Remapping companies around the UK. Mapro also operates one of the UK’s largest ECU Tuning facilities, housing a team of 5 at their state-of-the-art facility.

The goal


The Mapro brand had been growing consistently since the birth of the brand. Organic social media marketing efforts coupled with word-of-mouth recommendations had seen the business reach a ceiling. We engaged with Mapro in early 2020 with the goal of solidifying the Mapro brand image as a professional and reputable source of files and in-house vehicle tuning set-ups. The Goliath team needed to build brand awareness and generate more inquiries to help the business scale past the ceiling they had reached.

The Strategy: Stage 1. Social Media Advertising

Already well known locally, Mapro had an untapped audience of potential customers for the Goliath team to tailor a marketing campaign towards. 

We developed Social Media marketing campaigns that engaged local automotive enthusiasts within a 25-mile radius of Mapro’s tuning facility, using content of vehicles using the state-of-the-art Dynometer (Rolling road) at the Mapro’s facility to show a glimpse of the service quality and precision Mapro’s deliver to their customers.

The Goliath team have vast experience with Remap marketing after running campaigns for over 30 remap companies internationally. Due to this, we were able to use data previously acquired through a Facebook pixel to build lookalike audiences of automotive enthusiasts, making Facebooks targeting hyper-focused to Mapro’s ideal remap customer from day one of the campaigns going live. A unique offering that Goliath Marketing can offer to remap clients saving our clients money testing audiences.

As well as previous customer persona data we used Facebook ad manager targeting options to target the correct demographic and interests of Mapro’s prospective customers ensuring we hit the right people, in the right location, with the right message every time. 

Stage 2. Website rebuild and landing pages for PPC Marketing

Having run campaigns across social media for 3 months helping Mapro capture the attention of local automotive enthusiasts, we looked to expand our marketing strategy multi-platform. 

Google marketing provides the ability to deliver ads to searchers’ queries. Customers who are actively searching for the service that Mapro provide.

Before setting up a Google campaign, it was crucial that the website had a great user experience and was built to convert customer clicks to inquiries. The Goliath team redesigned and rebuilt the Mapro website to achieve just that. 

We carried out thorough keyword research to ensure the core website and additional landing pages we produced served customers exact search queries, providing a cost-effective Google campaign maximising the conversion rate of clicks, into customers.

Stage 3. Search Engine Optimisation

Having now successfully created multi-channel paid marketing strategies, generating Mapro inquiries on tap, it was time to focus on long-term brand presence.

A 6 Month search engine optimisation strategy SEO strategy to build website domain authority and build organic website rankings that will stand the test of time. 

We focused on creating content to improve local search query rankings as well as building authority content around specific vehicle makes and models.


Facebook Ad Results After 1 Month

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