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Market Your EV Charger Installation Business Effectively

If you read, digest and implement the contents of this blog into your EV charger installation business we can guarantee, from vast experience in this industry, that your business will grow and become a well-oiled machine in serving the seemingly ever-expanding installation demand that the UK is experiencing.

This blog post will teach you:

  1. How to position your EV charger installation business online as an authority in the industry
  2. Proven digital marketing methods that soak up demand and turn leads into new business
  3. How to leverage government and tax incentives in your marketing
  4. How to serve digital demand effectively to maximise your return on investment

If you aren’t a fan of reading, we have condensed this blog post into a short YouTube video that can be viewed here:

Electric vehicle demand has doubled since 2021 and it’s no surprise with the rising cost of fuel and generous Home-charge schemes, Government grants and tax incentives on offer.

With 6 Million EV’s on the road in 2021 and 33,000 EV charge points in dedicated off-street parking, commercial settings and at home, the race to win installation business has begun and here at Goliath marketing we are at the forefront of installers marketing efforts to win new business and serve this ever-growing demand.

We help EV installers generate new business across the UK every single day and have comprised this Blog post to explain how you can effectively serve this demand and join what has been voted ‘the most scalable industry of 2022’.

1. Establish your business as an industry authority

EV is a new industry and customers, as you will likely already know, have many complex questions about their installation as they tread into their new EV territory.

Whether you are 6 months into EV charging point installation or 5 years, it’s important to share all of the knowledge you have on the subject clearly so that your customer can quickly get up to speed with industry terminology such as Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and Range-extended EV (REx). EV is an emerging market and first movers need clear education. It is easy to brush over the complex detail in your marketing when operating an EV business day to day.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

By listing Frequently asked questions as a prominent feature on all of your website pages you will develop a relationship with customers as a valued source of information, despite how obvious this may be, many EV installers or ChargePoint companies themselves do not list basic FAQ’s making it difficult for a first mover to make an informed decision on their service, therefore losing the sale to a more informative competitor. So make sure you thoroughly answer all of the questions you pre conceive customers to have about your service.

Terminology sections

There are many Electric car questions to be asked, but equally, there is a lot of Electric vehicle terminology that confuses potential installation clients. Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and Range-extended EV (REx).. CHAdeMO.. How is a first mover ever going to understand CHAdeMO ports without a terminology section on your website!? Example of great explanations HERE

Leveraging your EV charging point installation Accreditations

Your business might have accreditations such as NAPIT, the leading government-approved accreditation as well as OZEV similarly government-approved. Another common accreditation is Nest Pro, verified installation partners.

Ensure that your accreditations are showcased across marketing material on your website, social media Ads and posts. First movers into electric cars do their research to ensure traders are supported by valued bodies.

Leveraging Branded EV chargers

The products that you install are the leading brand names, installation practise doesn’t come with the recognition that a UK-wide product does. Charger product brands are well researched by customers, therefore leveraging the brand a customer has become familiar with is a great way to make your business feel like the obvious installer of choice. If the product that’s well known trusts you, why wouldn’t the customer?

2. Develop a strong online presence

Having a strong online presence is crucial for any business in this day and age, but with infinite search possibilities, it’s important to engage customers, answer their questions and convert queries into customers ahead of the EV curve, so that when the dust settles, the cream (Your business.. hopefully) has risen to the top.

Let’s look at some crucial digital marketing methods that will see your installation business soak up local leads. 

Website presence

It’s of course important to have a website, but more important to address the key point for your customer to ensure that first movers get all of the answers they need and you win all of the business you can! Ensure your website includes FAQ’s and a terminology section to out deliver your local competitors when it comes to informing your customer effectively.

The installation process start to finish

Electric car charging points are few and far between in 2022, despite the growth the industry has had. The market isn’t familiar with the processes, legalities of installation and performance that they can expect from their installation company of choice.

It’s crucial to include an installation guide within your marketing efforts that explains the product being installed along with the time frame, legalities and the maintenance / how to use the product.

Buyers need to know products and services inside out, it’s human nature to walk with caution, so ensure every step is guided.

EV chargers to select from / compatibility

Choosing an electric charger isn’t as easy as picking up a USBC or an apple charger for your mobile phone. With the market still consisting of early adopters, the wide variety of products haven’t yet been refined to universally recognised product lines and brands, there is still a battle for the top spot.

Customers aren’t educated on the products they are reading into and without thorough explanation, one charger looks as good as the next!

Ensure the variety of products that you install are thoroughly explained giving your customers as much reason to choose your installation business as possible.

Maintenance and safety certificates

The industry is new and with new territory comes cowboys. Customers will be vetting your business to ensure you are accredited and legitimate. A good way of ensuring you come across as professional, trustworthy services, is by mentioning the certificates you have acquired.


There’s no hiding it.. we all need to be paid! It is common for service-based businesses to hide their pricing online in order to not scare customers off. 

Include pricing on your marketing material. Cut through customer research time, mitigate customers browsing local competition and remain competitive with your installation rates by including them in your marketing material.

Nobody wants to guess your pricing or ring up to find they can’t afford it. Customers will naturally opt for businesses that display their pricing and are upfront with it.

Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a huge role in the success of EV installation marketing campaigns.

Manually posting on social media, otherwise known as ‘Organic Social content’, such as Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin provides the opportunity to walk customers through the installation process so that they can understand the work being carried out before your installation team arrive as well as giving customers an insight into how your business operates, who is doing the installations and what they can expect by seeing daily installs through the eyes of your team.

Ensure to include pricing, content around your charger partners and information about EV vehicles and their benefits. 

Paid social media marketing or ‘Social ads’ are a great way to get your business in front of a carefully crafted audience.

Facebook, who own Instagram, have targeting options based on a customers interests, demographics and behaviors on their advertising platform, meaning you can market your business to customers with interests as precise as the following list:

  • BMW i
  • Electric car
  • Hybrid car
  • Plug-in Hybrid
  • Tesla

And use the Facebook, pixel, a tracking system to remarket to customers who land on your website.

Currently, the average lead price for campaigns the team here at Goliath manage are £4.50 per lead and are scalable due to the demand in the UK. A cheap price to pay for job as profitable as installation. 

Google Search Marketing

Google provides your EV installation businesses with the opportunity to market to customers with a pre-determined demand. For example, the following keywords are searched this many times a month in the UK alone:

EV Charger | 10k – 100k

Electric vehicle charger | 1 – 10k

With electric vehicles being relatively new to most purchasers, the first good source of information locally available to them will likely win the business. There is little brand snobbery in early mover markets as not many businesses are household names in the early stages of market development. 

Your business can bid on these search terms, ranking your website at the cost of between £0.50 and £1.50 each time your link is clicked in Google’s search engine. 

Do your keyword research, find the keywords with data that support your customers search habits, and build landing pages on your website that answer the query clearly. By creating website pages that answer the exact queries of Google searchers you are sure to win business and compete with local competition.

3.) Showcase the Government Incentives and schemes available

Your business shouldn’t just be marketing your ability to install EV’s, you should be focussing on the benefits of the vehicle to the customer and the government/tax advantages that taking the leap into EV provides.

Using the EV incentives and benefits of EV as marketing material will encourage those researching the charger set-up, ahead of their decision to buy an EV vehicle to complete their purchase and ensure that your business first educated the customer on their options which will generate return website traffic once their vehicle arrives to book in for an install. 

Companies as large as Tesla even push tax incentives as a marketing technique due to the market share that these incentives draw in. If Tesla are doing it.. it can’t be a bad idea, right?

  • Benefit in Kind BiK is set at just 2% right now and for the next few years, making a zero-emissions vehicle a great choice for business users.
  • The 100% First Year Allowance (FYA),  Meaning business owners can claim 100% of their tax against the vehicle, making it a hugely favorable option.
  • The UK government’s Plug-In Car Grant (PICG) which currently offers £2,500 off the cost of an electric car, but only for vehicles costing less than £35,000.

Educate your prospects on the following incentives in as much detail as possible due to the complexity of these incentives.

Make yourself available to answer customer questions and provide support

Electric vehicle charging points scream ‘Tech’, ‘tradeys’ and ‘where do I start..’

It’s important in this first mover industry to offer as much support as possible to customers. People often have questions and the more approachable you can make your business, the more business you will win.

Here are a few ways we ensure our clients are approachable..

Chat support on the website

Chat support is crucial. Having someone who can quickly answer customer questions and type back to customers could be the difference between winning new business and losing it to a competitor. 

With many questions to answer, that make or break the buying decision of customers who are treading carefully in new EV territory, a chat support is a must for your business.

EV Charger ‘Help Line’

A helpline.. is just a phone number.. But by positioning it on your website as a ‘helpline’ you make clear your business is approachable for even the smallest of customer queries and has been proven to win customers. 

To conclude this lesson in generating new EV charger installation business, let’s recap the steps in bullet point format for you to take away and implement into your business.

1. Establish yourself as an industry expert to your customers

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Terminology sections

Leveraging your EV charging point installation Accreditations

Leveraging Branded EV chargers

2. Develop a strong online presence

Website presence

  • The installation process start to finish
  • EV chargers to select from / compatibility
  • Maintenance and safety certificates
  • Price

Social Media Marketing

Google Search Marketing

3.) Showcase the Government Incentives and schemes available

Make yourself available to answer customer questions and provide support

  • Chat support on the website
  • EV Charger ‘Help Line’

We hope you found the contents of this blog valuable.

If you are looking for support growing your EV charger installation business, reach out to us here at Goliath Marketing to speak to an expert in your field about what we can do to help you bring in more business | 0161 503 4619 |