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Our Experience

With 15+ years combined experience, we have worked with 30+ ECU Tuning companies to increase lead generation and scale their business.
We are a full circle marketing agency, fueled by petrol heads, with a proven track record of scaling Tuning companies with testimonials to prove our marketing works.

High-Quality Leads

Tuning companies often lack the consistency of high-quality enquiries. Servicing clients isn’t the issue, but generating a conveyer belt of new clients is something Tuning companies struggle with, which is where we come in.
To the left is an example of 1 of many systems we can create to send leads to your business.
*For legal reasons we have blurred names, emails, phone and reg plate*

Why Work With Us

Having worked in the ECU Tuning industry for so many years, we know the business model like no other. We consult and build high converting strategies for our clients to generate predictable and scalable remap enquiries.

Tuning clients we have served

Client Case Studies

LJW Remapping

DK Tuning Southmidlands

EuroSpec Automotive

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What people say about us...

Johnny JR Auto Centre

Goliath are unrivalled with the Google advertising they provide us with. We have worked with a few outsourced providers and never seen results as good.

Alex Robison Clintons

Working with Goliath has decreased our advertising costs and increased our return on investment 3 x. Really happy with the responsive service and effort the team put into our business.

Matt Mapro

The guys at Goliath Marketing have worked with us for over a year. They run our Social media and Google ads as well as having built our website in 2021. I always recommend they guys to my industry friends


Before working with Goliath we struggled with our digital marketing funnel set up by a previous supplier and weren’t getting consistent work. Since working with Goliath that has changed! Very happy with our service.

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